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Akeem had given Greg the name of a pub right down his street. He had every intention of getting absolutely pissed tonight, and the shorter the trip back home the better. He'd secured a booth at the back of the pub, and a bottle of whisky, and he was already working on his first glass when Greg arrived.

Akeem poured some whisky into the second glass and pushed it on Greg's side of the table.


Dec. 30th, 2016 02:52 am
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Continued from here.

If you had told Akeem, earlier in the evening, that he would find himself in a staircase in this theatre, pressing Pippa to a wall, and unable to consider the option of not shagging right then and there, he might have looked at you very oddly indeed. As it was, he was in absolutely no state to think about it very much. Her magic had seen to that, drawing out the wolf in him and binding him to her as thoroughly as ever.

"That's my line," Akeem replied against her mouth, claimed another kiss from her lips, then used his hand in her hair to pull her head aside so he could mouth at her neck, grazing blunt teeth and pressing open kisses to the soft, sensitive skin.


Sep. 27th, 2016 03:17 pm
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Continued from here.

As he drove Pippa's car, following the directions from her GPS, Akeem took a moment to reflect on what was happening. It still felt a little surreal. She was young, beautiful, with an intoxicating smell that had the wolf pace inside him restlessly, even now. He did not know what she saw in him, but he would not fight his good luck. Far from calming his desire, the short car ride only served to build anticipation, and he was glad she had thought ahead, so they only needed to pick up the keycard.

Kissing her again felt like water on parched lips, something he'd been longing for, something all of him had been longing for. She kissed him slowly, but he kissed back fiercely, letting the wolf direct his actions. His arms wrapped possessively about her waist, pulling her closer to him, before his hands slid down to cup her bum. Her scent enveloped him in a heady haze, and a growl broke into the kiss as he thought of what it would be like to feel her wrapped around him.


Sep. 20th, 2016 11:48 pm
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Akeem smiled politely at the mostly unclad hostess who led him to a table, and just as politely turned down her offer of special services. He was waiting for a friend, see. (One who, he had no doubt, would not turn down any of the specials.)

The club was half lit, and the table Akeem was at not very far from the runway. Girls were dancing on it, and on stage,and he really ought to have known better than to agree to Greg's choice of venue. Although it might put the other man at ease enough that he might open up, who knew. Greg certainly felt at home in such places.

He ordered a whisky and coke from the hostess, and hoped that it would not be long before Greg arrived. It wasn't that Akeem was uncomfortable in strip clubs, but they were a bit... well, boring, to be perfect honest.


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